Audio: Nolan The Ninja – clockers. (prod. by DaG)


Mastered by AP.

Recorded by Foul Mouth.

Mixed by Nolan The Ninja.

Produced by @the734savior.

Art Direction (editing): Nolan The Ninja

“clockers.” (music video):

“Ultimately, “clockers.” isn’t merely a song. It’s a declaration to the entire rap world that Nolan The Ninja is here. Nolan tears through a beat that induces “early onset headnod syndrome” then hits you with non-stop bars from the opening of the track while maintaining that same level of energy until the beat finally fades out. The listener is left wanting more after this lyrical onslaught over a beat that can beat be categorized as a “banger”. After “clockers.”, it will be evident that you’re going to have to keep your eyes and ears open for what Nolan The Ninja has to offer in the near future. The track serves a bellwether in terms of the raised bar of quality for the next wave of emcees that will comprise the Class Of 2016. This is the first offering from his forthcoming Left Of Center debut EP, “f-ck the hype.” dropping on November 10th. You’ve all been put on notice!”

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