Album Review: children of skeezy g – FIGURE-iT-OUT

Album Review: children of skeezy g – FIGURE-iT-OUT

3 bros out of 5 written by ML7102 


She tells me i’m beautiful, I can barley feel my finger tips, children of skeezy g Present music in the form of Hip Hop, and at first listen of the “FIGURE-iT-OUT” album you get a instant nostalgia feeling of late 80’s / 90’s underground albums, reminiscent of the randomness of 3 Feet height and Rising, Prince Paul “Psychoanalysis: What Is It?” or something even more modern like Sharkula’s “Martin Luther King Jr. Whopper With Cheese”.

The album has a real analog feel in the recording and a free flowing feeling in the verses, with dope love on the features from BA PACE , Niambi, dMilk, Skeezy, TalentIsAlive, Sherbearidan, Mo Jo, BABODÉGA, SemiraTruth, Akilah and Squanchy Regs. The compilation has great usage of the effects on songs like “FIGURE-iT-OUT” the title track, poems, raps, distortion and a variety of beats that carry the release. Songs that stand out are “NO MORE BARS”, “Realmer”, “Niambi INTERLUDE” and SemiraTruth on a solo joint called “Hold on”. I’m putting in work in a hot ass room starts a verse that is fresh lo-fi yet griddy sample driven joint called “Good Times” which also features SemiraTruth and MO JO. This is really an interesting project from the pans to the loose live sounding mixes and arrangements.

I must admit “FIGURE-iT-OUT” is creative in its innocence and the album touches on really good Underground / Independent Hip Hop styles in a unique way. On the song “SWURVE FINAL MASTER KUSH” I hear a sick violin (which is really: turns out its a cello and He (dMILK) played that part himself , it wasn’t sampled ) at the end of the song (sounds like it was sampled from live playing on the subway) with a verse “What do you mean i’m off” Fernando says … “Stop talking that Bull ish” the random singing on track is like a bizarre ride through the Bronx all the way the way to Lower East Side, yeah New York MTA Riders can understand! At 16 tracks animal farms never been so sweet, put a fart on paper arrogance aint the right way (figure it out) trying to free the mind, be consistent stay stable is the best way to describe my listening pleasure? Go get this album and paint a mural! oohh ended to soon, must listen again.

listen here: 

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