2018 Going Beats by @dadasoulface #art #collage


“Going Beats!!”


Collage mixed media


Ode to #beatmaking

From basements, attics, bedrooms, kitchens, studios, hotels, motels, and

everywhere in between. Wherever there is outlets, tabletops, and vibes.

Let’s see I’ve programmed beats on Ableton live (up to version 7), FL studio, an MPC 2000(still got mine), MPC 3000, Roland MS-1, Sound Forge, Acid Pro, Ensoniq Mirage, and my favorite piece SP-303( restinpeace)

Nowadays you can sample off YouTube or off of your laptop via MP3. That’s cool but for me it was records. The hunt for drum sounds. The search for a baseline to loop or chop up. Blending beats with records to fill aural space. Man, sounds are limitless!

Anyways respect the art.

Peace to all those established producers and the young guns rocking. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

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