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Audio: @Infinito2017 – Limit The Climax feat. @IomosMarad [2010] prod by @thaionedavis

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#infinito2017 Produced by Thaione Davis Album: Outer Body Experience 9.0 (Thinking The Unthinkable) (2010) © Joe Left Hand Records / Unlimited Supply Chain Records……


Fresh: Fatnice – Its Nice to Meet You | Brothers Perspective Magazine Review

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Artist: Fatnice
Album: It’s Nice To Meet You

This is bigger than a review for us over here at Brothers Perspective Magazine this is an endorsement on behalf of Hip Hop History. Fatnice has blessed us with an advanced copy of the amazing “It’s Nice to Meet You” CD. This is an album that is reminiscent of Mains Sources album Breaking Atoms with a Chicago / Philly vibe throughout. With very jazzy beats and well placed samples all over the joint. Throughout this 16 track epilogue I’d say it’s something similar to a master thesis. Lyrical Fitness is one of the strongest tracks due to the effortless rhyme patterns and ridiculous word play on the song. Deep embraces Fatnice’s eloquent story telling that features Ruby Dee and Mos Def as a part of the Beatsmifs theme. And once you take in Each and Every day and Watercolors which features Charlie K you will be blown away. Now it sounds like I’m just giving my view point, don’t take my word for it; check it out for yourself. Oh we need peace Love, Unity and Having Fun.
Recommendation: GO GET IT
Review by Brothers Perspective

Fresh: Thaione Davis – Acknowledge Pain| Brothers Perspective Magazine Review

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New Album Review: Thaione Davis – Acknowledge Pain
Listening to this records, last verse of “Slaps” I have to say this guy went in! When I started writing this review I had to start over and think about writing my own song to fit this musical story behind this joint. What Thaione Davis has crafted in “Acknowledge Pain” is a lyrical assault of what these new age lames would call #BARS! Us from the golden age or the best era of Hip Hop ever would call LYRICS, SKILLS, STYLES ETC… Music to be played in Car or a loud Sound System not no mp3’s, cause this jawn bumps. The album is some what darker than it’s prelude “The Joys of Life & Pain” which was a gem in it self. But instead Thaione took his time as we wait carefully for that “Composure” album to drop. He took em to the edge and refused to fall off like so many rap dudes do now a days, who never complete records or never release the ever prominent silver bottoms. Thaione has literally been consistent over the last 13 years of recording music, unlike so many artist Davis creates, compliments and completes what he starts. Dope is the best measure I can give this album. Pain from Joy is thoroughly acknowledged all over the 14 cuts, where Mr. Kenny Keys production stands out. Bigger than just remakes or remixes “Acknowledge Pain” is a new album release or a chapter two of the Life project! Listen and you will be very pleased indeed with the detailed stories Thaione constructs. Oh and never play the game of the pathetic pimp … after hearing Davis verse on “Thrax” I think he went a little crazy with the #BARS in a good way (GOOD MEANING GOOD)!Listen/purchase: Acknowledge Pain by THAIONE DAVIS

peace out East Coast Mark

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