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Music: Infinito 2017 – Disciplined Rainwater Endless Mathematical Model @infinito2017 #joeleftpromo #infinito2017 #awareness #blackmusic #consciousness #blackpower #biko70 #75dab

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Disciplined Rainwater Endless Awareness Mathematical Model
Infinito 2017

Sleeping inside dreams from a disciplined person drinking tainted Rainwater using Endless Awareness adding a Mathematical Model towards infinite research based solutions. It must be something in the Water and you must apply something to your mind. You are what you eat; you often repeat what you hear! So you, the director of your life must monitor your own thoughts and shed all fear; this maniacal folklore way of living forced upon the people of Melanin wealth must be defeated by all means. Digesting enough of a negative groups model, will teach you to become negative also. You must deflect menticide on all levels. We exist in a war zone, redesigned to represent the savage nature of the weapon holders. Everyone must know the outsider terrorist way of life is based on the genocide they place upon indigenous populations throughout the globe. The land thieves’ business structure established Shirley Plantation, Abir Congo Company, East India Company and the Pietro Beretta Weapon Factory to name a few variations of hostilities. This knowledge teaches that these types of industries perpetrated the nature of harmful neglect for future generations. The temperament of negativity is played carefully like a Harp projecting sounds or shifting the narrative of wind inside global warming. Who do you pray to clean water or Forever Chemicals better known as per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) inside the liquid we need to hydrate ourselves? Break Boy Sound designer, Infinito 2017 carefully pens some of most eloquent yet potent stories of rhyme released to date; in this instant standard of fresh. Disciplined Rainwater Endless Awareness Mathematical Model is a detailed story board featuring Underground rugged production from Thaione Davis, iLLsugi, Fatnice, Dion Brown and Undollasun. The long player has guest vocals from Odessa Brown, Brothers Perspective Magazine, Thaione Davis and Ka Sekhem. Read the book be careful what you intake…

Producers appear courtesy of themselves
iLLsugi: 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 11, 14, 18
Fatnice: 6, 12
Thaione Davis: 5, 13, 16, 19
Dion Brown: 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 21, 22
Undollasun: 20

Listen Here:

Support: Catalyst: Duro Wicks & Chicago Hip Hop is an independent documentary film about how Duro “Shame Love Tempo” Wicks fell in love with Hip Hop – Donate on KickStarter #durowicks

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Catalyst: Duro Wicks & Chicago Hip Hop is an independent documentary film about how Duro “Shame Love Tempo” Wicks fell in love with Hip Hop and helped give it a home on the Chicago music scene of the early 1990’s. It examines what made Hip Hop blow up in Chicago so much later than in other cities, how a tiny 100 watt college station became Chicago’s Hip Hop radio powerhouse, why it was so difficult for a young Black entrepreneur to get a party started, and a time when social, political and economic conditions ultimately proved to make Duro’s dream unsustainable, even though it was more successful than anyone ever imagined it could be.

The Chicago Reader called Duro Wicks “one of the godfathers of the Wicker Park hip hop scene.” The Chicago Tribune called him “a large man with a charismatic presence… at the center of the kinetic circus.” Duro describes himself as “The Catalyst” when talking about how he created a place for a generation of kids to show up and prove. “Before I did my own thing, I had nowhere to go,” says Duro “so my whole thing was let’s do our own shows.” Duro fell in love with hip hop long before it was easily accessible in Chicago, so he wanted to create a place for people with similar passions to gather. After several false starts, he finally got some traction running the first weekly Hip Hop open mic night in the city at a basement club called The Lower Links. It brought in hundreds of kids every week from all over the city and suburbs, which was unheard of in the segregated Chicago of early ’90’s. After a brief, but wildly popular run, the club ended up being a victim of its own success when neighbors and other business owners in Wrigleyville, unhappy with the growing number of Black kids hanging out in the street every week, took action and got the club shut down.

So the preview was so amazing. Thx to everyone that joined us virtually. Now it’s time for the perculater! Our kickstarter is on line.

Underground Feed Back Stereo: Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – The Topic of Jealousy – Part 1 #undergroundfeedbackstereo #thinking #radio #podcast #75dab #biko70 #blackart #design

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Underground Feed Back Stereo – Brothers Perspective Magazine – POD – The Topic of Jealousy – Part 1

Underground Feed Back Stereo Sound Broadcasters for Brothers Perspective Magazine / Personal Opinion Database converse The Cycle of Famous Men and Women misleading inaccurately, a model for lyrical poetry. The Topic of Jealousy details how fiends strive to steal the energy of others by hoarding waiting times, telling lies and passing untrue information to stay one step ahead of humans that are unconcerned by their existence inside a psycho fanatical, predatory, pathological mentality of Land Thieve’s and their Procyonidae Omnivorous types. The sickness of Jealousy is an obsessive depression formulated by mental illness that carries the same plague as Middle Ages in Western Europe. In this episode we denounce the the logic of resentful, envious behavior better know as jealousy. By studying the fiendish nature of insecurity, romantic obsession and the pathology of governmental enslavement of Human Beings.  #envy #jealous #positivethinking #75dab #PersonalOpinionDataBase #radio #soundart #mix #undergroundfeedbackstereo #brothersperspectivemagazine 

art by nappy9folics

Video: Infinito2017 – SONIC VOCAL TRANSMISSION (prod by Dion Brown) #infinito2017 @infinito2017 #hiphop

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Infinito 2017 – SONIC VOCAL TRANSMISSION (prod by Dion Brown) from the album Super Pro Black Life Minus Devils / Produced mostly by Dion Brown for Joe Left Hand Records: Limited Edition Compact Disc (out of print)… Infinito 2017 – Super Pro Black Life minus Devils by South Side Chicago’s Infinito 2017 is the intellect of overcoming evil in the form of lyrics. Infinito 2017’s writings tell a story of Freedom, Justice, and Equality with beats and rhymes using the history of developing style with importance and dynamic range. Super Pro Black was designed through animated sonic aptitude plus enrichment towards a teachable goal for Super Pro Black’s creativity with art as sound. Loving of heritage through self in god giving me the opportunity to create is an important element for a perpetual guide of life. As a Hip Hop innovator it’s important to see myself as a super power champion leading the people in a positive direction with music. Super Pro Black Life minus Devils is my version of a graphic narrative on wax. The album was produced mainly by Dion Brown featuring a few unreleased tracks. Super Pro Black is boom bap in its pure form with no frills, gimmicks, fakeness, name brands or fashion, this album is a diss track for those who Bite Copy and Clone to exist. Artwork by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab / #biko70 JLHSPBLMD #infinito2017 #joelefthandrecords

Chicago Underground: Nacrobats – A In The Square @Mike_Eagle @mrbeasy @culturepower45 @PsalmOne @ThaioneDavis @PugsAtomz @Infinito2017 @thesselonious

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Nacrobats Is truly what Chicago underground Hip-Hop in the 90’s was about dope beats, bars, and sounding unique. Following in the footsteps of Common, All Natural and The Molemen. The Nacrobats became an institution for upcoming rappers, producers, dancers, artist, and party promoters of the time. Their DIY aesthetic and over 40+ releases (solo and as a collective) have laid the ground work for many artists there today. This compilation scratches the surface of some of the best music they recorded over the First 10 years or so. Crowd favorites and Cult classics Like Century 21, Paperz, Be like you, and Rock the world are all included. Some of the standout members featured on this compilation are Open Mike Eagle, Psalm One, Thaione Davis, Pugs Atomz, Infinito 2017, and Kenny Keyz. “Nacrobats was the precursor to today’s Chicago crews like Save Money (Vic Mensa/ Chance the Rapper) and Pivot Gang.(Saba) terms of being dedicated to the culture while progressing it. “ #culturepower45 #limitededition all art by Pugslee Atomz (limited bonus items for a limited time only) #nacrobats

side A
1. Century 21 (Cosmo Galactus and Rift Napalm) Prod. by Catalyst (1997)
2. Paperz (Centric I.E.) Prod. by KATO cuts by DJ Flesh One (1997)
3. Audible footage (Chips Pentium, Open Mike Eagle, Pugs Atomz) Prod. by Chips & Yoda (1997)
4. Illiteration (Uncle Butta) Prod. by Chips & Yoda (1998)
5. Be Like You (Chips Pentium) Prod. by Chips & Yoda (1998)

side B
1. En Oh Es (Vyle) Prod. by Overflo (2003)
2. Straight (P. Kaye, Krem, Pugs Atomz) Prod. by Kenny Keys (1999)
3. Staticling (OffWhyte) Prod. by OffWhyte (2000)
4. The Goodie (1993) Prod. by Kenny Keys (2010)
5. Lost World Travelin’ (Kao Ra Zin) Prod. by Kao Rahzin
6. Rock the world (Pugs Atomz, Cosmo Galactus, Psalm One, Infinito 2017, Thaione Davis) Prod. by Yoda (2003)

Music: South Loops by PCP ALLSTARS @Racetac #pcpallstars

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The latest release from Chicago legends, the PCP Allstars. Street music at its finest. Gritty analog beats with ferocious rhymes. If you are on the wave of underground bangers, you will love this album. Its a feast for the soul. Don’t sleep.
All songs written by the PCP Allstars. All songs produced by Original Super Legend for Supa Sounds.

Video: Brittney Carter – I’m in the mood to get reckless.. @_BrittneyCarter

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I’m in the mood to get reckless.. by Brittney Carter #Brittneycarter

Underground Feed Back Stereo (Black Feet Roots) Mixed by ML7102 @RasKass @fatnicemc @duendita95 @DelHIERO @maxptah @thaionedavis @youngzilo

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underground feed back stereo_black feet roots (TITLE2)

Underground Feed Back Stereo (Black Feet Roots) Mixed by ML7102 #undergroundfeedbackstereo #ml7102
#75dab #happensexist #fwws

Underground Feedback Stereo – Intro 19191919
De La Soul – Jenifa Taught Me
Miriam Makeba – THANAYI
Jostero – Sunday Vibes
Duendita – Blue Hands
Max Ptah – I’m With You Brother
Del The Funky Homosaphian – Mistadobalina
Thaione – Lady in the Chorus (*Redit)
Blink (Yarbrough x Gensu Dean – Go For Yours
Milly Mango – firstDRAFT
ML7102 – Good Joy Terry Turn Up
Sade -Its A Crime
Fatnice – Deep
Ahmad x Ras Kass x Saafir – Come Widdit
HPRIZM – Asia (Adrenaline)
Infinito 2017 – My Boom Box
Young Zilo – Know What I Want
Abstract Butta Fingas – Guiding Star
7102 x Diallo – Honest Devoid (beat)
Iron Mic Coalition – Cant Forget
Marcellous Lovelace – Not Watching Some Movie
Underground Feedback Stereo – Out yo19191919

Underground Feed Back Stereo (Provocative Listening Band Frequency) Mixed by ML7102 @culturepower45 @philmoregreene @fatnicemc #ml7102

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Underground Feed Back Stereo (PROCOCATIVE)

Underground Feed Back Stereo (Provocative Listening Band Frequency) Mixed by
ML7102 #undergroundfeedbackstereo #ML7102

ML7102 X Mannie Fresh – Ha [Instrumental] (intro)
Ayalew Mesfin – Libe Menta Hone (Ethiopia 1975)
Illegal – We Getz Buzy (prod by Eric Sermon)
Philmore Greene – Reagonomics (prod by Rashid Hadee)
Fatnice – This [Shane Great Remix]
A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It
Unorthodox Poets Society – Shopping Cart Ride (Prod by Dj Waht)
Gil Scott Heron X Brian Jackson – Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams)
Masters of Illusion – The Bay Area Bronx Bridge (prod by Kut Master Kurt)
Nancy Wilson – If I could
The Geaux – Reset (Beat) (Culture Power45)
9th Scientist ft Quantic – Green
Wee Be Foolish – The Main Attraction (Beat)
Sun Ra – When There Is No Sun
Nkruma Ochieng – Playoff Nite (Keys To The Soul Mix)
Fe La Kuti – Kalakuta Show
84 (Aul Purpis x Fatnice x Blaak The 9th Mann) – Right On Time (Culture

Music: CHICAGO: A THIRD WORLD CITY by Philmore Greene @PhilmoreGreene @rashidhadee #chicagohiphop @ZEPHFARMBY

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released December 12, 2018



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